Aims & Activities

Our commitment serves the science and practice of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical and mental health while considering equitable distribution and efficient use of available resources. Increasing health inequalities, health consequences of changes in the world of work, the rise of antibiotic resistance or the consequences of climate change are just some of the current issues.

The DGPH aims to strengthen the field of Public Health and make it more visible to the public nationally and internationally.
This is to be achieved by:

  •     establishing and maintaining national and international collaborations in Public Health,
  •     intensifying the exchange between science, practice and politics, and
  •     the continuous development of public health research, teaching and practice.

The work in the DGPH is organized in departments and working groups.


The DGPH initiates or collaborates on statements on current public health relevant topics and is co-organizer of relevant conferences.

The journals of the DGPH are: