Public Health Ethics

The aim of the section “Public Health Ethics” is to establish philosophical ethics as a sub-discipline in the field of public health. Ethics should be strengthened in public health research and teaching. An improved integration of ethics into research and teaching aims at improving public health policy and practice.

The section provides members a forum to achieve these goals and…

  • Discusses the design of present public health ethics research for example at annual meetings
  • shares experiences on teaching and skills for capacity building
  • offers advice to members and external institutions on public health ethics on recent issues 
  • acts as a network for public health ethics in Germany and in cooperation with partners abroad

In order to establish the young field of research and teaching and to make it more visible nationally and internationally, the section works closely with the section Public Health Ethics of DGSMP and EUPHA, and with the section “Public Health Ethics” at the German Academy for Medical Ethics (AEM).

If you have ideas, wishes and interests to prepare workshops for annual conferences on public health ethics please contact us early, taking into account the deadlines for abstract submission.


Prof. Dr. Verina Wild (Sprecherin; Universität Augsburg)
Prof. Dr. Peter Schröder-Bäck (Stellvertreter; HSPV.NRW, Aachen