Health Education

The section aims to continuously  develop the current state of art of teaching and learning in public health. Experienced lecturers share their teaching expertise with early career lecturers. In addition to individual degree programmes and lecturers, a subject-specific accreditation agency, the AHPGS, is also a member of the section. Contemporary teaching motivates students and is a solid ground for promoting health literacy in the society. We focus on diversity and social inequality within the population, digitalisation and interprofessionalism in healthcare.


  • Development and evaluation of teaching methods
  • Networking of teaching staff
  • Acquisition and development of competences (including communicative competence)
  • Research habitus according to: "Education is not an affair of 'telling' and being told, but an active and constructive process."    (John Dewey)

How do we achieve these goals?

  • Exchange between science, politics and practice (e.g. positions/opinions, initiatives)
  • Exchange about (current, innovative) methods and topics in teaching, as: "We don't learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience." (John Dewey)
  • Promotion of networks within research and teaching, because

"Academic freedom is the freedom to learn as much as one wants." (Rudolf Virchow)


  • Interprofessional cooperation and networking;
  • Knowledge Exchange: Digital Teaching
  • Public relations/publication projects
  • University 2021: Post-digital and post pandemic; Symposium: The New Normal. Digital Teaching and learning arrangements in the study of health professions and health sciences – what remains after the pandemic? [Learn more]
  • Participation in the Poverty and Health Congress
    • Berlin 2019: Project and research-oriented studies with quality and success - but how?  [Learn more]
    • Berlin 2021: Migration, Diversity in Health Care - Best Practice for Teaching in Public Health, Medicine and Nursing.  [Learn more]
    • Berlin 2022: Teaching concepts and experiences on health inequalities in public health (Photo)


Opportunities to participate

Teaching is an interactive process that requires mutual communication and cooperation. With this in mind, we look forward to exchanging ideas with you and, first of all, to hearing from you:


Prof. Dr. Maria A. Marchwacka

SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit
Campus Stuttgart
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70190 Stuttgart
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Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Joachim Kugler
Lehrstuhl: Gesundheitswissenschaften/Public Health

Institut und Poliklinik für Arbeits- und Sozialmedizin (IPAS)
Medizinische Fakultät
Technische Universität Dresden
Tel.: +49 351 3177 217